Five Benefits of Focusing On Impact Instead of Money

When I first began working with clients, the entirety of my energy and focus were solely on how much money I could make. Of course, I wanted to provide the best of quality and benefits to my patrons but my formula for working for my clients was more oriented toward financial reward; I would determine how much value I would bring to the client based on how much they were willing to pay me.

I wasn’t the only one to think this way; entrepreneurs are initially geared toward making dough. And it’s not a totally unreasonable urge. If you aren’t financially compensated, you can’t have your own office, pay your employees, or live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Several years into my work, I realized that I needed to switch the formula. That’s how I learned about putting impact over money. The benefits of such a paradigm shift were numerous but here are the top five advantages I’ve gained with this approach.

You’ll Love What You Do

A passion project elicits the purest form of joy. If you love what you do, you will see the momentum you gain when you focus solely on impact and change. This way, you’ll be measuring your worth not in terms of dollar bills but the value you bring to other lives.

If They Like Your Vision, They’ll Want Your Product

Before anyone buys a product, they buy the idea behind it. If they don’t like the vision behind it, forget about their investment. If you create an experience that is unforgettable, people are more inclined to pay for your product or service. It’s a fairly simple concept with a fundamental foundation in human trust. We buy products backed by ideas we can rely on.

Ripple Effect

The power of impact is all about word-of-mouth marketing. The more value you bring to someone’s life, the more likely they are to recommend you to someone else. It’s the ripple effect of a good testimony. When you bring impact to someone’s life, they no longer see it as a service but rather as a genuine and philanthropic deed. The proof of this travels through communication. Soon enough, more people will be headed your way.

More Partnerships, More Networks

When you aren’t obsessed with money, you have a clear direction of where you want to head. With a crystal clear idea of your service, you’re enabled to build partnerships and expand networks to bring more value to your customers. That’s a win-win relationship. Double-down on the impact and you’ll see how your reputation gains more strength and leaves an even better impression on others.

More Money

Ironically, the best thing about being more invested in bringing impact to others is that you will end up with more money. It’s a delicate balance of not being fixated on the digits in your account and being more interested in improving people’s lives. There’s no rocket science to it either; higher impact documented in other lives leads to better impressions, solid testimonies, and more interested parties who want your product or service, too.

It all comes down to perspective. When you focus on impact, you’ll find more valuable opportunities worth investing your energy and time in. When you’re unthinkingly tied to the concept of more money, you’ll narrow your vision and lose sight of broader and more important goals. And you’ll end up with much less in your bank.