Hide the evidence. And start again.

I’m supposed to be working. That’s the point of American society — the American Dream. By the sweat of your brow, yes, you work at something to earn and save and “make something of yourself.”

As a writer, I used to do exactly that. And what I got in response was criticism, deductions based on the fact that I was supposed to be working.

“Get a job, mother fucker. This is America.”

They didn’t know that I’d had enough jobs in my life to curse work for all of eternity.

“Men and monsters both make mistakes. But for every man who cries and begs for time enough to grieve, you’ll find a million more monsters like me who will lick our wounds and laugh when we leave.

And then the trapdoor, then the trapdoor released….”

(Boys Night Out.)

“It won’t be long.” That rang in my ears, always. I never was a good ass-kisser.

So I became somewhat of a criminal.

Every job I’ve ever had left me cursing and spitting on the floor. Why should I assimilate? To this murderous society, to this country which will rip the rug right out from under you exactly when you’ve gotten accustomed to standing in place.

Nobody seemed to be speaking this language. And if they did, they certainly didn’t practice it in their daily lives. They went to work, a job. Anything. Make something out of nothing. Call it a career. And you’re on your way….

One of the many American lies we tell ourselves, which has been ingrained in us by the killers, the rapists, the sadists, the plunderers who run our society, who’ve always run societies all over the earth, taking from people they exploit with silent sundry. All one has to do is take a look under the rug.

You’ll see that it’s filled with death, murder, cockroaches, bullets, bombs, revolutions, and a blood-lust for power and control that is anti-human, anti-social, and full of feeling-less sociopaths.

We call these people politicians. Oligarchs. Monopolists. Plutocrats. Murderous criminals in collars of white which have been stained with so much blood that it’s one of the biggest wonders on our planet, as a whole, that so many people still cheer it on.

Drugs are rampant, too. Heroin. Opiates. Fentanyl. A black market shrouded in War. Numerous states across the union (?) won’t allow you to smoke a joint. But the war criminals who continually run our government into the ground get away with mass murder and genocide. If anybody stands in the way of empire and its endless war upon societies all across the globe, they get steamrolled. Most Americans cheer for it. Or they look the other way.

It’s in the soil. It’s in our DNA.

The injustices and prejudices of centuries of thinking that one person is bigger and better than the other, because of god, muskets, swords, gunpowder, securities, commodities, speculators, developers, oil companies, steel industrialists. Anywhere on the planet where there is any kind of resources where profits can be plucked from the soil, there is murder, despotism, kill lists, death and destruction to be stashed in hard coin away in somebody else’s bank account who had nothing to do with getting his or her hands dirty.

This is slavery. With a white-toothed grin.

At the barrel of a gun.

American has 5% of the world’s population. And one-quarter of the entire planet’s prison population.

At the start of Barack Obama’s enlightening presidency, thousands were held in jail — in private prisons. At a profit. Half of those people were immigrants.

At the fall of the Soviet Empire, the U.S. swooped in and took advantage of the vulnerability of a dying dream — to divvy up wealth and resources between criminals, oligarchs, plutocrats, jackals and hyenas dressed up in suits and ties. They created an economy that was their economy. Rape and plunder.

People died for lack and need and want of living a life that was stolen from them by the invader, the same story for centuries. For thousands of years, even. That’s been the truth.

What’s borne unto the earth becomes a proletariat for profit. From the minds of men and women — sniveling uppity and snooty snide snarky shitheads wearing crowns and jewelry from the blood and hides of the people they’d convinced were less than them — earth’s mobster class continues its gas-lighting, from the cradle of the African continent, throughout Greek and Roman society, across the mid-East, slavery.


It’s in our blood. It’s in the soil. It’s in the DNA of the human species.

Thousands of years passed before people banded together to demand the rights and liberties of the lower-and-middle-classes. It took nearly another thousand years before people came to their senses: why take all that bullshit?


Overnight, according to the New York Times — two men were detained by American goon-thugs working in defense of the murderers and plunderers who make light of their madness and manias for security, profit, privilege, control, and power.

The two men were Iraqis. They were coming to see their families. One was an interpreter for the Army’s 101st Airborne Division.

The rug, ripped out from underneath his feet.

This is the America that has been created for us. Not by us. The America that represents oil companies, pharmaceuticals, defense contractors, speculators on Wall Street, land developers, privatized insurance rackets, telecommunications monopolies.

These are the kings and queens of tyranny. And it’s nothing new.

So what is?

You tell me.

It’s all about the song in my head.

The one where the audience is all dead.