North Dakota may be considered a fly-over state, but is the title deserved? Let’s find out.

  1. Great small Business environment.

North Dakota has a booming small business environment. Fargo, North Dakota is routinely voted as one of the best places to start a business by While much of the economic success can be attributed to the Bakken shale formation in the western portion of the state, there are areas in North Dakota such as Fargo that are proving the state is more than just a frack zone. …

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Cheesing before the race by the Spartan Sign at Spartan Beast — Bigfork, Montana

On the weekend of May 13th, 2017, I participated in my first ever obstacle course race, and more specifically, my first ever spartan race. The Spartan race that I attended took place in the beautiful Glacier Park in Montana. Spartan races are known for being tough, muddy, and uncomfortable ordeals. Joe De Sena characterizes the ideal Spartan obstacle course racer as someone who possesses grit, endurance, and is physically fit. De Sena defines grit as a sort of mental toughness one acquires by purposely placing oneself in uncomfortable situations, like a Spartan Race. De Sena can be quoted as saying, “No adversity has been confronted and handled because everything came fast and easy. When adversity does arrive, and it always does, someone who has never encountered it before will have no clue what to do in response.” …

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