Approached a Hot Girl at the Gym!

I was nervous as fuck.

I haven’t done an approach in a while so I was pretty nervous. She was gorgeous. Blonde hair, blue eyes, nice ass. My type of girl. Obviously, any guy’s type of girl.

I’ve done a lot of approaches at the gym. That is where I spend most my free time so why not kill two birds with one stone right?

I was really nervous (don’t know if I’ve said that yet). I kept looking at her while she was working out (creeping hard). She was with an older woman I assumed was her Mom.

I probably should have approached her as soon as I saw her. But, I needed to work up the courage. I was listening to music I thought would give me confidence, dancing, shaking as if I was a professional athlete trying to get ready for a big game.

As I was looking like a fool, I saw her leaving, so I stopped in the middle of my set. I was doing shrugs — a must if you want to look like a beast.

I chased her down before she got in her car. I said “You’re very pretty and I needed to tell you that before you left. I should I have said this earlier.” I said something like this — can’t totally remember because of how nervous I was.

I told her how I haven’t done this (approach a girl) in a while and I was nervous. She said it’s alright. I then asked her how old she was and if she was single.

All the meanwhile, her Mom (the older woman she was working out with) was standing on the driver’s side watching me talk to her daughter. I said Hi to her. I then asked for her daughter’s number.

She gave it to me. As I was typing her number in, she made a comment about my hand shaking. Long story short…

I’ve been texting her and we have made plans to hang out tonight. I’m not writing this article to brag. I want to motivate, inspire, and encourage men (or anybody) to take the chance. You never know what is going to happen.

The guilt of not approaching (or doing something you really want to do) girls hurts more than any rejection you might receive. All the “what if’s” you play in your head will drive a man insane. When you do not approach, you are rejecting yourself.

My experience approaching approaching girls at the gym has taught me, that no matter the situation, you can approach a girl and she will be receptive.

How you approach matters, of course. But, I want to eliminate the limiting belief that girls do not want to be annoyed at the gym. Girls want to be approached because they will never make the first move.

Is the gym the best place to approach a girl? No. Why? They feel insecure by the way they look at the gym. Even the hottest girl at your gym.

They don’t feel attractive when they are sweaty and do not have make-up on. In addition, they do not want to be hit on while they are at the gym. I know I’m contradicting myself, but let me explain.

They get hit on all the time outside of the gym. So, the gym is like their get-away. This is why they may not be receptive if you approach them at the gym.

Here comes another contradiction, the gym is the best place to approach for the reason mentioned above.

These girls get so much attention when they are wearing their spandex that makes their ass look better than a wad of one-hundred dollar bills. Most guys don’t approach. So, the ones that do (if done well), will have great success.

How to approach girls at the gym

Be genuine. Be empathetic. Put yourself in their shoes.

You know they don’t want to bothered and just want to go to the gym to workout. State this when you approach them.

For example, say “Hi. I think you’re very sexy. I don’t want to talk too long because we are at the gym.” Then ask for their name and if they are single.

If they say they are single, go for the number. While you are getting the number, will keep the conversation going. Either ask how old they are (I know you shouldn't but that’s all bullshit) or what they do for a living. Then make a comment (not another question!) after the reply.

For example, if she say’s “I’m 25.” I would say, “You definitely don’t look younger/older. I get I look younger than what I really am.” She will most likely ask you how old you are and you then say, “Guess.”

This just makes the conversation more intriguing. Make your conversations more fun not to get the girl, but just to have more fun for yourself!

That last line is very important. Re-read it and internalize it asap. Live by it, die by it.

This way of approaching is very attract for three reasons:

  1. It shows you are aware how other people are feeling. You know she doesn’t want to be bothered, so by acknowledging this fact, you are basically telling her (non-verbally), I know how you are feeling and I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable. Girls hate awkward situations! I mean despise them. You also make her feel comfortable. Who does’t want to feel comfortable, regardless of the situation?
  2. It shows confidence. The fact you can approach her while sober and in a different setting besides the bar or club, sub-communicates a lot of confidence.
  3. It shows leadership. By leading the conversation from the get-co, you make her feel comfortable. A girl does not want to lead and she shouldn’t. This is your job. When you ask her if she is single, you are leading the interaction by taking one step further. If she says yes, and you ask for her number, you take another step forward. This is attractive because a girl will never make the “moves” because she will feel like a slut. She wants you to lead!

In conclusion…

This post was a little random, but I intended it to be that way. I didn’t want to delve too much into theory — just share an experience.

But, if you have questions or comments, please ask!

I really hoped this helped you! If it did, hit the ❤️! It will spread this article to people who may need the help as well.