“Raising a seed round would have been a huge mistake for us”.

These words stopped me in my tracks. Here was a wildly successful founder at the helm of a business most can only dream to have built panning the path that most are marching.

They continued.

“If we’d have raised a seed round we would have been focused on the markets and milestones that investors needed to see and not on the needs of our customers.”

Despite going on to raise hundreds of millions of dollars from top tier VCs and ultimately selling to SAP for $8B+, the years Qulatrics spent focused on growing profitably vs. …

Over the last few months, we’ve been rolling out our new INTRO product. As part of those efforts, we launched a weekly newsletter called INTRO to Finance. The goal of INTRO to Finance is to break down complicated financial topics and financing questions into easily digestible and actionable answers.

We’re publishing this week’s issue on Medium. If you enjoy it, sign up.

Another Thursday, another newsletter. I’m Jason — welcome back to INTRO to Finance where we answer financing questions you’re too afraid to ask your VCs.

We have a meaty question to answer this week: “What is the difference in cost between debt and equity?”

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Yesterday at the Sorenson Innovation Summit we had the opportunity to announce a collaboration with the Kauffman and Rockefeller Foundations designed to catalyze a new initiative within our current Scout Program pilot.

But first, a little context.

At the beginning of November, we announced plans for a Scout program as part of Indie.vc 2020. The response was immediate and somewhat overwhelming.

In December, we kicked off a pilot of the program with around 200 participants. That left a waiting list of nearly 3,000 people patiently awaiting our learnings from the pilot and anticipating our opening the program more broadly. …


Bryce Roberts

VC, Dad

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