Roads and Guardrails

I’ve been thinking a lot about this quote from an old Ben Horowitz post lately:

When they teach you how to drive a racecar, they tell you to focus on the road when you go around a turn. They tell you that because if you focus on the wall, then you will drive straight into the wall. If you focus on how you might fail, then you will fail. Focus on the target. You might not hit it, but you definitely won’t hit if you focus on other things.

If your focus is the guardrail you’re likely to hit it. The same is true for the road if you’re intent is to stay on it.

In general, we tend to accomplish the things we focus on.

That was one of the most basic ideas we wanted to explore with In a world where VCs, founders and press spend an inordinate amount of time focused on fundraising and valuations, what would happen if we shifted the focus to revenue, customers and profitability?

How much more likely would that level of independence be if it was the sole focus of a founder? And what would they chose to do with it once achieved?

There are so many dimensions of the entrepreneurial journey that are out of our hands.

There is very little you or I can do to effect where the Nasdaq closes this week or next or which startup investment themes become the flavors this month or next.

But, we can control where we set our sights and focus our energy.

Where and what we choose to focus that energy on will be the thing we are most likely achieve.

So, choose wisely.