Tang! (Top 10, Pt. 1)


I’ll avoid predictions. They’re pretty useless at this point. But MAN OH MAN my mind is swirling. Here are the top 10 things bubbling up:


At this fever pitch, it’s becoming difficult for facts to remain hidden. They might finally escape the gravity of the “untrustworthy” media narrative. And yeah that’s cool and everything but if they do, it won’t soothe us and we won’t be prepared (again). More than ever we will be in totally uncharted, 100% unpredictable territory. In particular:


What comes next if Trump et al really truly crash and burn? Like, in a tangible sense. We’d need new officials and everything (would new elections be in order? Rely on succession? Pence? Ryan? We need a plan!), but there are more immediate dangers at play. McCain is telling press he doesn’t have a clue who the hell is in charge when it comes to national security decisions. In his own, craven party. It won’t get clearer, but nuclear codes to nuclear warheads are real and someone will have them.


These leaks demonstrate how *monumentally* short sighted and idiotic it was for DJT to alienate the intelligence community. And yet, even if that community saves us from Tang-flavored treason and autocracy, then what? Nameless spies are acting as the only, last check on the Executive’s behavior because Congress is neutralized and the judiciary has been marginalized. That seems vital for present purposes, but an anonymous intelligence community with nearly unlimited surveillance capabilities, selectively leaking info with no meaningful oversight is actually a signature of……autocracy. And once that genie is out of the bottle, can we put it back in?


After all that we have seen and witnessed, why does this particular lie seem to have so much traction? We have to figure it out if we are going to change.


How about Russia deploying new missile capabilities today, violating treaty obligations? Genuinely curious and worried. Will this story get buried?


No matter what happens, we’ll be consumed by US/Russia headlines for months. Super sexy and important, but let’s be honest. Russia’s not even close to the most pressing global economic player. China smells blood in the water, and will use this down time to continue to build its dominance with basically no Western pushback. Especially now that we’ve shredded TPP without extracting a single Beijing concession. In the long term, that will be much more problematic than the WWE Trump/Putin slugfest we love to hate watch breathlessly. Who has eyes on that?


Where is Peter Thiel? What kind of monsters are still sleeping with him? I want names.


If this all goes to hell and we still aren’t demanding transparent, secure, digital voting on a national holiday, coupled with destruction of the electoral college, we have learned nothing and this will happen again.


Social media has been as helpful as it has been dangerous in this mess, but we have to do a much better job of holding its faux-neutral overlords accountable. Resist the urge to elect them as our NextGen political profits. They’re self-serving and nutso and cat videos be damned we have to call that BS out for what it is.


We are smart and resilient and brave. If we make it out of this, we better fucking celebrate as one big, messy, stubborn group of citizens. Nothing would be more American than that.

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