Blog Project #2 and #3

FORMAT: photograph

Audience: the general public

purpose: to show that jackie robinson was breaking the color barrier in baseball

effectiveness: this photo is very effective at stating its message through its light-hearted tone, because before robinson played in the major league, white players wouldnt even want to play on the same field as african american players, but because robinson played very well they started to respect him and changed their opinions towards african americans in general, now this picture is just a couple of players on the same team instead of different colored people as it was seen back then.

Format: poster

Audience: athletes

purpose: to motivate athletes to work hard

effectiveness: this picture is effective at stating its message through ambiguity with the quote “everyone loses games” in which “games”can also be interpreted as life, meaning that everyone will eventually lose or fail at something, whether its at sports or life. it also uses allusion to state its message, by refering to the oregon ducks football team losing in the college national championship game in 2011 giving additional meaning to the quote especially the second half “few change them” which refers to people who fail but dont give up and keep trying afterwards, it says few because normally many people quit after they lose or fail. this is effective at motivating athletes because it prepares them to face failure, but motivates them to work hard and focus on success.

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