The Goal To RUN

Why do we run? For some, running lets people let go of everything; feeling refreshed and focused. For others, running is a dreaded tasks only done back in PE class. For me, I fall into the first category. I fell in love with running when I was 8 years old and my father brought me the the Great Aloha Run, an 8 mile run in Honolulu. From then on, I joined every season of cross country and track in high school.

Unfortunately, that love, passion, and yearing was lost in my freshman year of college. My focus was on work and school. I no longer had a team that I could run with or cross country meets to train for. I lost my motivation to run. A semester goes by with no progress. Lost in my frustration and shocked by my weight gain, I devise a plan:


A marathon. 26.219 miles or 42.195 kilometres, that would be my goal. It is about mid January and the marathon I’m going to be training for is in December; The Honolulu Marathon. Now with a goal set and placed, I now have the motivation to get back out their and run.

26.2 miles will be the longest I’ve ever run in my life. As of now, my longest run is about 9 miles, so in the following weeks and months before the marathon, training is vital. Currently in my research, I’m searching and building a training plan, refining my diet, and scheduling time in my day for runs and even sleep.

To boost my motivation and eagerness to run I have also signed up for the King’s Runner 10K, the Great Aloha Run (8 miles), and the Hapalua Half Marathon.

In addition to the 4 runs that I have signed up for, my motivation also comes from the many bloggers and YouTubers that share their stories and tips. It is my goal to do the same, for this to be my accountability to complete my runs and to be an inspiration to others to start theirs. In the following weeks and months check back for updates, inspiration, and tips.