Baptized in Blue

A triple triolet

Suffocation surrounding my gardens--
bodies paralyzed by frigid dullness, 
the undulating scenery darkens,
suffocation surrounding my gardens--
mercurial smiles suddenly harden
as morning morphs into mourning lulls with
suffocation surrounding my gardens--
bodies paralyzed by frigid dullness.

Encased in echoes of holy heartbreak,
time whispers maudlin whisky lullabies
of monachopsis drowning out art’s sake
encased in echoes of holy heartbreak,
until embracing liberosis ways 
igniting laughter in my sullen eyes 
warming the echoes of holy heartbreak
silencing maudlin whisky lullabies.

The laughter rejuvenates, inhaling
metanoia psychedelic landscapes
as the blue baptism fades, unveiling
rejuvenating laughter inhaling 
fresh music in the air as each trail sings
of various psychotropic grand shapes 
laughing rejuvenation, inhaling
metanoia psychedelic landscapes.

During a long bout feeling all shades of blue, this piece became a catalyst for many flickering moments of healing words. So much so that this eventually became first poem in the first physically printed poetry book I’ve published. If you dig this wordgasmic triplet triolet poem, feel free to show some love with hearts, shares, bookmarks or buying the book I wrote that houses this piece. But, as always dear readers; no obligation, no stress, no worries. Thank you for being.

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