I dunno, I think it’s sad more than anything else.
J.S. Davis

I appreciate your response J.S. Davis. I feel sorry for him too, truly. But at the same time, I can’t help but laugh.

It’s probably a defense mechanism of some sort, as I started watching and listening to stand up comedy at a young age.

All the things you said are correct. It is sad he won’t know true intimacy. That’s like, really heartbreaking on some level. But, I guess what’s funny to me is that he (in his mind and his world) feels so right, even vindicated to a certain extent. And yet, as you said, even though he clearly disrespects and doesn’t like women what with the whole mysogynistic thing, he will and does depend on them for not only his emotions but his anger. So that which he rejects he needs most of all to keep up his delusional whacked out thought process.

I also laugh because, as you’ve said, at some point he’s going to realize all of this (even if it’s on his way to another life) and that’s funny to an extent because it’s like, “Well, we tried to show you.”


Thank you for being. Stay well. Love, learn and heal always.

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