Stop trying to peg me.

Stop trying to tell people what category they fit into.

I don’t need to be told what I am because I’m everything.

I’m that happy girl dancing in the park to Disney music.

I’m that depressed girl who will bite her lip so hard it’ll bleed just to keep from screaming.

I’m a smart girl who can get a 4.0 and win writing contests, but I’m that dumb girl who can still manage to forget a pen on the first day of school.

I want to be strong and do everything on my own, but sometimes I want someone to take my hand and tell me it’s okay that I’m not as perfect as I’m expected to be.

I’m the hot air mixing with the cold. The hurricane that destroys, and the helping hand when everything falls apart.

Everyones seemed to define me as one thing, and it’s different for everyone I meet. To you all I’m a writer, to others I’m an artist, to some I’m just a pretty face, to others I’m just a soccer player, but nobody will really know who I am unless they stop trying to fit me into one category in their heads.

That’s probably a good thing that nobody has all the pieces to the puzzle that's me. Because when people know everything you’re vulnerable, and that’s one thing I’m not yet ready to be.

Stop categorizing each other you’re missing the point. Thinking that somebody is just red stops you from seeing the yellow. Don’t be color blind, and don’t think that you have somebody figured out. We’re all a little bit of every color on the inside. I’m still working on letting all my colors shine.

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