Dating Apps Specifically for SXSW Attendees Debut

Photo by Anthony Quintano

South by Southwest is in full-swing, and this year the week-long festival is looking to provide a different kind of networking for its attendees. Developers have released a collection of dating apps to help festivalgoers meet their special someone who could also afford an over $1,000 badge.

Coffee Meets Queso

Impress your date by pretending to be an Austin local and showing them the “best queso in town” at definitely-not-a-tourist-trap Guero’s. In-app purchases can also unlock a list of local favorites that will have you and your date constipated by the time the music portion begins.

Plenty of Lists

Waste the day away with your festival fling reading all of the lists of free things to do during SXSW and not actually going through the hassle of attending any of them.

Activate [Sponsored by Monster]

Find the perfect someone who also doesn’t mind waiting in line for hours at brand activations to get mediocre food and “sorry we only have XL”-sized t-shirts featuring the logo of a start-up that will be bankrupt in two years.


Discover common ground by agreeing with your new partner to never walk down Sixth Street again after stepping into vomit at 9 a.m. on the way to see a panel about VR.


Spark romance with a local attendee by complaining about how “South By” was so much cooler when it was less popular. For a $4.99/day premium subscription, your profile will also include a badge indicating you were at the festival when Twitter launched.


Connects singles attending the interactive part of the festival who upgraded to iPhone 7 and are in need of a headphone jack to Lightning adapter to listen to music while waiting in line.