Hi I’m Bryce, long time no talk.

This morning I was tossing and turning in bed. And I kept dreaming about a girl I used to date. Recently I he been feeling extremely lonely, this is because I don’t text girls first anymore. If they aren’t interested, then I don’t chase. I don’t ask for their snapchat, I just talk and leave-- and that’s really hard to do, mainly because you can’t keep track of it. I mean at least with getting contact info you can count it. I can see some possibility in not over texting, I mean the girls actually ask you to do stuff, (which seems really counter-intuitive like would a girl actually text if u gave HER YOUR number). But it is working, I just get certain nights when I get super sad about not being at the level that I want. So I texted her (I haven’t done this for almost 11 months) I said, "hey." I’ve thought about doing this a lot lately, I don’t necessarily see this as weakness, more as just living. You can’t be worried about what other people think or how much attention you’re getting. It’s really weird I thrive (really happy) then occasionally I have a couple hours when I feel super lonely. The good news is that it is becoming less and less frequent, and when others occur it is easier to get positive again.

Some probably ask why I post stuff like this. I view it the same as talking to people, you keep doing it, and you transform as a person due to it being out in the open for others to see. It's weird I used to care what people think, but now I care about how many of the people I talk to I retain. It's just interesting to see how much my mood has improved by the end of this. Yeah I know I'm a living oxymoron -- I don't want a girlfriend, but I love talking to girls; I don't care what people think, but I care if people stick around; and I hate being alone, but I love talking to myself ;)

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