Money-Saving Strategies: Coupons for College Students

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Is your education breaking the bank? Are you unable to sleep due to the rising cost of tuition? If so, you’re part of a large community of aspiring Americans who feel scared that they won’t be able to finish their education. I don’t blame you — according to the bureau of labor statistics, the Consumer Price Index for college tuition and fees has increased 63% from January 2006 to July 2016. The increase in cost effects the lives of many individuals around the country. However, my friends. . .


While there has been a substantial increase in the cost of education over the last 10 years, there has also been a substantial increase in the fabrication of money-saving strategies. These strategies include coupons, programs and techniques that help students become more confident when looking at semester cost. While most of them do not lower student bills, these tactics (explained below) will help save the money needed to pay for tuition, housing, books and fees!


The Krazy Coupon Lady

From backpacks to coffee or Amazon to Yankee Candle, The Krazy Coupon Lady is the ideal college couponing website to save hundreds of dollars.

The first thing to point out — there’s an “Under $1” section that holds food, toiletries, cleaning supplies, makeup, and just about anything else a student needs!

On top of these “Krazy” deals, the second thing to know — the “Tips” section informs students about couponing tips, store hacks, and ways to earn more money and rewards!



Ibotta is better than coupons. After downloading the app, you can unlock cash rewards on products and services by completing simple tasks like watching a short advertisement. Then, after buying your products at the specified location, Ibotta puts those cash rewards right into your bank account!

Similar to couponing, Ibotta gives you discounts on products and services. The difference is, those discounts come back to you in cash, a much more rewarding format for college students!

The app format provides an easy way to take pictures of your receipts and barcodes, link a loyalty account, or make in-app purchases.

To top it off, Ibotta gives you cash back at over 500,000 locations such as movie theaters, grocery stores and gas stations!


Take advantage of your student status, using your email or ID, obtaining HUGE discounts on electronics, books, software, travel, services and every day items. Here are just a few of many resources available to students:

Adobe Student

Amazon Student

Amtrak — Student Savings

Apple Education

Barnes and Noble — Student Discount

Bed Bath & Beyond — Campus Ready

Best Buy — College Student Deals

Microsoft Students

Staples — Exclusive Deals

Student Advantage Card

T-Mobile — Campus Exclusive

24 Hour Fitness — Special Offers

With fall term just around the corner, it is necessary that students look into these huge deals to save them money. There are so many resources for students that are not advertised. Don’t be afraid to ask around, and don’t let the rising cost of education get you down!

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