Manifesto Now

A brief idea on how to dent the universe

Life is just a decorated experiment. All behaviors are seeded within hypothesis; all decisions are made upon instinct. Our instincts are bound to our frames of reference — dependent upon the troves of information our brains and bodies have accumulated up to a given moment. The most advantageous behavior we can exercise is a self-awareness to seek greater perspectives. From broader experience, we make more accurate and impactful choices. We must be bold to accept information that deconstructs the limits of our identities. This is the pursuit of truth. This is natural selection in the information age.

Survival of the fittest has shifted from dominating our natural environment to competing within a reactive cultural ecosystem. Evolution now favors those with the most informed instincts — those who can predict and adapt themselves into more meaningful walks of life — those who are willing to push the limits of this universal experiment to which we all find ourselves subject. We are here to extract as much value as we can from existence and in return, give that value life through our expression.

This is how you dent the universe.