Personal Branding; how to brand, market and sell yourself as an entrepreneur

Bryce York
Oct 20, 2010 · 1 min read

Step #1 — Define yourself, in a 30 second soundbite, this needs to be so simple you can say it at gunpoint if you’re woken at 3 AM.

For myself;

“I’m creating amazing products and valuable content for eCommerce business owners — by solving real problems that everyone else is ignoring.”

Now you know who you are, does everyone else know and agree that this is your identity?

Now you need to communicate this to everyone.

What is the difference between branding marketing and sales? All too often, myself included, we talk about marketing our business when really we’re selling, or talk about working on our branding but really it’s our marketing.

Selling — Say you’re talking to a potential customer about yourself and your 30 seconds at 3 AM. You’re selling them your identity.

Marketing — Say you’re able to communicate indirectly with a large number of of your target customers about your identity through a mailing list or some other marketing channel. You’re marketing your identity to your target market.

So what are you going to focus on?

Originally published at Bryce York.

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