The Atheist position is this:

The only justification for a religion to have any authority over the material world is the truth of that religion’s divine representation. Without this, the religion’s claim to have the right to tell others what to do is counterfeit. What possible authority does any religion have to interfere with anyone’s lives other than proof that it represents a real supernatural force whose existence can be confirmed by anyone capable of observing the evidence? There is none.

The divinity of any religion’s god cannot be proven by empirical evidence by definition. It only exists in the abstract and in the minds of those who believe it. Belief does not evidence make. Furthermore this divine authority really can’t even be suggested. The absence of anything that comes close to empirical evidence makes such a thing beyond the scope of debate.

Religion has no authority over anyone or anything related to human life. It only has that authority over those who believe in it by their own choice to do so, therefore negating the very authority it’s believers claim that his has over them! I cannot stop you from believing in things I find to be false, and you cannot force me to believe in things you find true. You can make your argument, but I reserve the right to require a set of criteria in order for me to believe.

And buddy, you ain’t even started to begin to meet those.

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