“If You’re Voting for Hillary Clinton, Here’s What I Know About You”:

  1. You aren’t bright enough to do your own research or you’re too biased to admit that Clinton (like every candidate) has flaws that many people will find serious enough in nature to ABSOLUTELY NOT VOTE FOR HER. You probably don’t read beyond article headlines and if you do, you certainly don’t think you need to go looking for further proof that the story is actually accurate. Case in point: During the primaries, there was a story about how Clinton was the most honest candidate running. If someone went back to the source that the story referenced (Politifact), it was clear that she wasn’t always honest in every circumstance. The story was a numbers manipulation to say that she had a higher percentage of honest statements (regardless of the topics of the statements) than other candidates. It didn’t rank every important comment by every candidate. AND…Politifact even gave Clinton a “pants on fire” rating. Yet Clinton supporters referenced this story like it was the gold standard. I bet you were one of them. Let’s make a deal. You stop just reading headlines and start digging deeper and when I see that, I’ll start respecting your opinion. And if you actually did your research and saw that Clinton has serious flaws but you won’t hold her accountable for them, then you need to stop giving in to cognitive dissonance. It is ok to admit your candidate sucks. It doesn’t have to mean you suck, or that all your choices suck. It means you’re actually paying attention now, and that’s what we call progress.
  2. You don’t care about Wall Street/Big Pharma influence in elections and how it affects our lives. You don’t care about how drug companies raise prices. You don’t care about little Adam down the street who needs an epi-pen because of his peanut allergy, but he can’t get one for a reasonable cost unless his parents live close enough to Canada to get one there. He’s not your kid, so why care if he dies, right? And Wall Street/Big Pharma money influences things like the Dakota pipeline, but that’s ok in your book because you don’t live there. It wasn’t your great grandparents’ graves that got demolished. It wasn’t you who got a dog loosed on you for a peaceful protest (where was Clinton at this protest about the environment, again? I forget. But I know where Jill Stein was…). It doesn’t matter that Wall Street/Big Pharma influence is wrong as long as you don’t have to step out of your comfort zone. You have enough money and insurance to live comfortably and that won’t change with Clinton, so nothing to be scared of for you. Nothing changes and those corporations can just keep spending the profits that they made from us, buying favors.
  3. Stop pretending that your candidate cares about equal rights (because I can prove she doesn’t). In this election season alone, Clinton had Black Lives Matter activists escorted out of a fundraising event, participated in a skit with a racist comment with no apology, used the racist slur, “off the reservation” and took money from the private prison system lobbyists. She promised to help Flint with their water crisis, which hasn’t happened (look for the Detroit News article about Flint mayor Karen Weaver for proof on this one). Not to mention what she had a hand in with regard to Haiti’s minimum wage as SoS. Also not to mention her past comments about “super-predators” and how we need to “bring them to heel.” Or her past comments about marriage being between a man and a woman. And this isn’t even my full list! If you’re actually concerned about equal rights, Clinton’s not your candidate. Are you actually concerned? Tell the truth….
  4. You’re complicit with questionable voting practices and probable voting fraud. You don’t care about bending or breaking the rules when it benefits your candidate. It’s fine if Bill Clinton pops up around polling stations, even if it’s illegal. You certainly won’t admit that peoples’ voices weren’t counted and that the statistics of exit polling were off by large margins when looking at the Democratic primary numbers in several states where Clinton beat Sanders. Where’s your protest about what DNC staffers said in leaked emails that proved the DNC worked against their own candidate (and BEFORE you give me the standard Clinton supporter line that Sanders isn’t a Dem, HE. WAS. AT. THE. TIME.)? As long as your candidate wins, who cares? None of those pesky equal rights for people in districts that might vote for Sanders. And no refunds from the DNC of all the money donated to Sanders, millions of dollars, since they had no intention of giving him an honest chance. The DNC and Clinton aren’t going to take responsibility here and you’ll do what the mainstream media has been doing — downplay and misdirect because it’s not a popular topic.
  5. You condone online bullying. You’re happy to click “like” on all those snarky comments made at Trump supporters (or make them, yourself). You feel justified in bullying them. You don’t even try to hold a civil conversation (and I can hear you mentally protesting, saying, “A Trump supporter wouldn’t be capable of a civil conversation” while you’re reading this right now! I’m right, aren’t I? Wow.). You just wanted your little bit of power over someone you consider beneath you…not your peer, oh no! You don’t want to hear actually their comments and offer a back and forth dialogue. You want to post clever memes, point out semantics issues, and name-call - and look COOL. You may have even been COOL enough to bully the Sanders supporters by calling them Bernie Bros and telling them to get over it when Clinton was nominated. And you love to point out how someone exercising a vote for a third party is a spoiler. You use or approve of gaslighting, straw man arguments, scare tactics and sarcasm against supporters of anyone but Clinton because you’re online where it’s safe to be a bully. How lovely for you. Do you think that’s buying Clinton any new support? Nope. Then why are you doing it? Because bullying makes you feel better about your choices (see cognitive dissonance again) By the way, it’s ok to admit you’re being a bully. Everyone else has noticed by now.
  6. It would kill you to admit that Trump isn’t literally Hitler. He hasn’t tried to exterminate any races yet, invaded any countries or started any wars. He hasn’t even done a lot of things Clinton already has. At the end of the day, Clinton’s involvement in things like the Honduras coup (go look it up, we’ll wait) are more serious than Trump saying he’s going to build a wall. He makes racist remarks that cause fights and she dabbles in foreign policies that cause deaths. And he might even have some good ideas, like renegotiating NAFTA. Oh, what’s that? He’s lying? Did we want to go back to Clinton’s truthiness? I didn’t think so. And please don’t think I’m a Trump supporter by my use of this talking point. I’m not. I’m just more of a realist and I don’t buy into scare tactics. Clinton is just as capable of getting us into a war as Trump, but you don’t want to talk about her past foreign policy because that’s messy and it takes too much research. It’s easier to scare people by mentioning “Trump” and “nuclear launch codes” in the same sentence. You just keep doing that and see where it gets you.