Use Twitter To Build Your Network Not Gain Followers

I’ve been trying to create my own network for the past few months, I began with LinkedIn, a good platform to find professionals in my area. I have received some success doing this and have made some very valuable connections.

But Linked In has its flaws, no one goes on LinkedIn to read posts, they go to message connections. Which is what it’s amazing for, to find potential connections and then to further develop them through messaging. But no one sees the content being posted.

I’m trying to read articles every morning, usually about data science, entrepreneurship, economics, career advice, and life advice in general. I’m young and inexperienced and I’m trying to learn everything I can to help me achieve my goals. I’ve been doing this for a few months now and I began finding some remarkable content that I knew like-minded people would find valuable. I naturally wanted to share this content, and use this content to create new connections. LinkedIn wasn’t working, so I turned to Twitter.

My goal was to make some valuable connections, who also shared great content for me to enjoy. Who would enjoy the exceptional content I’d been finding.

But this proved to be substantially more difficult than expected, as there tends to be some underlying flaws in the way people approach Twitter. Maybe flaw is the wrong word, but tendencies that jeopardized my ability to execute my plan.

Why The Way People Use Twitter Should Change

Majority of users on Twitter seem to be chasing followers. Either that or their chasing interaction (Rts and favs) through a numbers game. For example say they’re getting 1% of their followers interacting on each of their tweets. Naturally they want to get this number up, so they try to increase the number of followers they have. This works, say they’re getting 1 fav for 100 followers, with 200 they get 2 favs, awesome! Let’s go for 300 right?!?!

No, this results in a lot of people seeing hardly any of your posts. Why not focus on the % of users interacting on your posts instead?

Who cares how many followers you have, it’d be more valuable to have a smaller number and a higher % on interaction. This will also help you make connections, which are more valuable than interaction anyways. So try to get 20 followers with 50% interaction per tweet instead of 1000 with 1%.

How You Should Be Using Twitter

First off you should read the content on your feed, if someone posts things you’re not interested in, you shouldn’t be following them. They’re taking up space that could be occupied by excellent content you’re dying to read.

You should never follow more than 50 people (roughly speaking) and only follow people you intend to make a connection with. Otherwise you won’t gain anything by interacting on their posts.

Only follow people that are following a small enough number of people that they’ll actually see your content.

Then post awesome stuff for your followers, and read the awesome stuff they’re posting.

Why I Wrote This

I wrote this in hopes to find some people on Twitter who are doing this, and become acquainted with them. If you share only the best content on any of the following topics:

data science, economics, entrepreneurship, career advice, productivity

And you follow a small amount of people and actually interact with the tweets on your feed.

Feel free to follow me @parker_brydon on Twitter, I look forward to reading your top notch content.

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