The smartwatch

So here’s the thing,

Smartwatches suck. Well, at least the ones that exisit today. They’re chock full of features that are too numerous to count. But really, do we need all this utility?

What is a “smart” watch? Is it a fancy watch that connects to our phones? Is it going to replace our phones? The thing is, no one has really figured this question out in a way that really seems useful.

So, what then?

Well, it’s hard to say. There are tons of things a smartwatch can do. For example, answer calls. But really, who wants to be standing in public talking to their friends on speaker. This is neither convenient nor practical.

We need to figure out what a smartwatch should do.


Things a smartwatch shouldn’t do:

  • Make and receive calls
  • Integrate social media sites
  • Read emails/texts
  • Make sounds
  • Have a camera
  • Look like it’s from the future

Meet TWO

The goal

Propose a smartwatch that doesn’t try to do everything, but does a few things great. One that makes our lives easier in practical ways. One that is purposefully simple and beautiful. TWO is designed with these considerations.

Modular components

Watches are accessories. People will eventually get bored of wearing the same thing day-in and day-out. TWO features a magnetic locking system between the face and battery. The bands are interchangeable, so you can customize the look for any occasion.

Vibration alerts

Watches shouldn’t make sounds. Period. The speakers are too small to be heard in loud social environments. Instead, TWO incorperates vibrational alerts. It’s easier to notice, and polite to others.

Removable battery

The base contains the battery, meaning you can swap bases whenever you’re redlining. Inductive charging makes it simple to refuel without the need for fussy cables.

Smartphone app


Changing settings on such a small screen would be a tedious task. Instead, you can change them on the dedicated smartphone app. Change the watch face, sync fitness data, set up notifications, link TWO to your maps and more. TWO automatically syncs with your smartphone over Bluetooth, and when unpaired, functions just as a watch.


TWO features a circular touch screen. Slide right or left to navigate, and long press to return to the clock.


Customize the watch face to suit your style. Choose from classic analog or digital faces, and select an accent color. Dark and light backgrounds indicate AM and PM.

Music playback

Control music playback when connected to a smartphone. Fastforward, rewind, and pause audio playing. Track info, as well as album art is displayed so you know what’s playing.


TWO will take over notifications when connected to a smartphone. The ringer is automatically set to silent, and TWO will vibrate when something comes in. Using a similar method as most smartphones, simply slide down from the top to view notifications.

Transit integration

Wouldn’t it be sweet if you knew exactly when the next bus is coming, the moment you got to the bus stop? Yep, it would be.

Location aware

TWO pulls transit information from your smartphone when it detects you’re at a station.

Stop alerts

We’e all missed our stop because we weren’t paying attention. TWO will send you a vibration just before your stop so you don’t have to worry.


TWO will display your pass with a tap, so you never have to go fishing for your wallet again.

Walking directions

TWO will display step by step walking directions so you know exactly where you’re headed. A vibration will notify you ahead of time when a change in direction is coming up.


Having all our cards and tickets on our phones is great. But, its not so convenient when you have dig your phone out to scan the code. You may as well use the real thing. TWO integrates passes, cards, tickets and more from your smartphone so it’s always on hand. It pops up when it detects you’re nearby, and reveals the code with a tap.

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