What Future Lies

Life really is beautiful. As I experience my life, I have more to share, I get fascinated with its colors. I love my life and feel proud that I am living and feeling it.

These are my future, I am always excited about what my future is like, I expect myself opening a small company or a small restaurant focused on decentralized model of business where everyone own it, where ordinary roots of people gains, where my country gains. I want to be happy with my life tomorrow, so I do things today that might possibly make me happy tomorrow but then there is tomorrow and again I do things to make my life happy for tomorrow. This is life, there are misfits but everyone are not born to misfit themselves. Most of us have lot to prove to someone in a way or other. I expect ideal today for future, I see today, I count today for my tomorrow and we forget this series of tomorrow that made today. We human have really low memory for what we have been through.

Adding context with my country Nepal, we all forget those moments when our country was in conflict for 12 years, innocent people lost their lives, everything was uncertain, people left everything for their lives, many people lost hope in themselves. For all those so-called glorious moments we have been through, can we appreciate what we have today? can we appreciate the literal fact that those scars of wounds have healed today? can we appreciate that I am alive?

I remember The Motorcycle Diaries by Che Guevara, something needs to be felt in physically. We are so much connected from web, we have access to almost everything but how much that information counts? We know we are among privileged until we see someone like you in person but have to live everyday and make sure s/he dies today. I feel information from anywhere is part of realization, more you have information more you realize, someday you cannot stand to that realization than you walk your ways to feel those. Some reaches that point faster some doesn’t. Hopefully I will reach that threshold faster from realization coz I don’t want to wipe out my traces of tomorrows just for shake of making tomorrow happy.

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