Why We Can’t Quit Hillary: The Comey Delusion
Michael Tracey

“…after repeated assurances by law enforcement authorities, the nominee, and the nominee’s surrogates that the matter had been conclusively put to rest.”

There is no deception or dishonesty because they had concluded their investigation based on all known evidence and information.

FBI Says Review of New Emails Doesn’t Change Conclusion Clinton Shouldn’t Be Charged

“Understanding what caused this mass delusion is crucial to determining…”

Have a beer with a Trump supporter.

For anyone who says Comey cost her the election as fallout in polls dropping then they must also concede clearing her before the election raised her numbers. But they never talk about that.

Comey acted in bipartisanship because he asked the Obama Admin for permission in writing an op-ed informing Americans about the Russian investigation but Obama responded with an informal gag order.

So riddle us explaining why isnt Obama partially responsible since he shielded the Trump campaign six months before the election?

If Comey’s intent was to hurt the Clinton campaign why did he make it world news proclaiming she violated no laws before the election?

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