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“…by photos of chemically-burned children being sprayed down in the wake of the attack.”

Where? Sarin does not cause those types of chemical skin reactions because it is a NERVE agent.

Bottom line is Eric, Ivanka, and Kushner are covering for how the Mercer family primarily through Bannon has been running the Trump admin from day one. Do you REALLY think any of the Trumps would ruffle a single feather of their primary source of business income out of Russia of their own accord?

Also, all evidence points Assad was not responsible for the 2013 attack which is why the NYT quietly omitted it from their recent list of Assad’s attacks.

Before we fall into the WMD trap for the 11 millionth time let’s take a quick breath and look for evidence. On everything.

Tillerson says not policy change on Syria while Haley says regime change is basically imminent.

From my view, there is a constant pull between the GOP trying to get rid of Trump without losing their base before the Mercer family and Bannon is successful in disbanding the GOP. (Hence, Pentagon claiming Russia was warned about Syrian strike was clearly aimed at trying to make it look like Trump warned Russia, when we have no actual evidence.)

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