Let Me Point out to you How Ridiculous the Trump Tech Meeting Was
Mark Suster

“Donald Trump will be President of the United States…”

That is not true because we do not know who will be POTUS until Congress counts the EC votes in January and they have the authority to reject EC votes to maneuver a forced House vote on who will be POTUS.

In 1876 Tilden beat Hayes in both popular and EC votes but Congress stepped in to block Tilden when the counting brought him to the threshold needing just one more EC vote to become POTUS.

As a nation we have been bickering too much to realize most do not know the election process and that we are not forced to choose between Clinton or Trump because there is another option. If we petitioned Congress to reject EC votes for both the House could vote in Stein, or in a longer shot, if the EC gave Sanders just 70 votes it would force a House vote through a lack of anyone winning EC majority. That would allow the House to vote Sanders as the next POTUS.

America has always been nothing but a kleptocracy this has been partly concealed through the illusion the US population indirectly elects POTUS.

Everyone in the pic has only one agenda in mind: how to make more money.

I still doubt Trump becoming POTUS regardless of any election outcome because he has spent his life avoiding accountability and he knows he has pissed DC off and once in office he has no actual ally. Both parties would love the chance to not only impeach, but imprison as that would surely serve as a cold shoulder on the idea of an outsider breaking up the oldest Potomac same sex marriage.

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