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Having process stuck in a loop because this could be sincere or another mocking piece.

It is just one long list of fantasy derived from NRA’s inability to defend their positions and their true colors were shown once again because they’ve never protested the cop who murdered Philando Castile, a Citizen that was licensed to carry who did did EXACTLY what people say should be done to avoid violence during a traffic cop.

The largest contributor to the murder was the cop convicting Castile in his own mind for a crime he never committed and most people by now know he was not pulled over for a taillight. He was pulled over because of the size of his nose.

That is why the NRA is not worth supporting because they almost never ever speak out unless a licensed carrier happens to be Caucasian.

Not sure how it is missed but the fundamental problem with the fantasy list is trying to convince people progs/libs are a monolithic group.

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