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He is playing this as best as possible because we seem to be generally glossing over the meat and potatoes.

  1. A transaction occurred in the meeting but we have no idea about the content. You dont put that many top players in the same room just to change the batteries on a remote control.
  2. (some are noticing) his disclosure of the emails is like the used car salesman saying it was his 8 year old son who put sugar in the gas tank since the NYT was poised to expose them within hours.
  3. He is actually not an idiot for the excuses and claiming he went into the meeting with an innocent just-trying-to-win-election-legally strategy. Like the emails the NYT was going to release he knew the days of denying Russian contact were over. Forever.
  4. It was an astonishingly fast unusual move for the Russian contact to give interviews just a few days after Trump jr. repeatedly claimed she did not give him any information. Purpose? Sell the idea to the public sanctions should be removed because Russia is innocent.
  5. The Russian contact contradicts Trump by saying she was invited to the meeting because Team Trump wanted her to get dirt on Clinton. (Ironically, it does not matter who made first contact because it was still illegal to collude with a foreign agent.

Putin now has his right and left hand up a Trump’s ass calling the shots.

His only option was to play completely innocent and there is only one question worth asking him:

If he thought it was all legitimate why was the meeting kept secret after months and fucking months of talk regarding campaign Russian contact?

Without trivializing the brutal murders of minorities by law enforcement or those who who think they are LEOs, the PR strategy is exactly the same. After Trayvon Martin was murdered Hannity interviewed Zimmerman for the express purpose of sowing innocence in the face of undeniable racism and he just repeated the process with Trump jr.

Several current and former cops have gone on tv or put out editorials between a citizen being murdered and the trial because they know the evidence is overwhelming but they need to provide a chew toy to the racists cheering them on.

Trump Jr’s sole purpose is to give Trump supporters something to say in the face of undeniable evidence and if you do not believe me look at the comment section on this issue for sites like Breitbart. Trump supporters are demonstrating the isolation of only two responses:

Blame the liberal media (because they are the actual authors of Trump’s emails)

It was all completely innocent because he did not know Treason was still a law.