A look inside Ivanka Trump’s complicated world
The Lily News

“His words were again seen as tearing down the platform Ivanka says she is trying to build.”

In this respect they are twins by demanding credit from a non existent accomplishment or even honest effort. She will use this experience to build a new business facade around equality making her gold in the sexist corporate world for reinforcing the misogyny in action, opposing it by verbal farts.

On the speculation of the level of intimacy shared with her dad, it is meaningless because if true they are consenting adults and it is none of anyone else’s business, save Melania’s or Jared’s. Unless of course it began when she was a minor which would help explain why she sticks so closely to someone who has nothing but hate for women.

She is the White House version of a televangelist selling the idea God is demanding a private jet to further the mission, even if it means donors skipping meals and medication.

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