An Update on Grief: How a Campaign Staffer Deals
Jessica Morales Rocketto

“I listen to dozens of people tell me they are ready to disrupt government or the Democratic party or elections and wonder if they even voted in the primary.”

Intention? Purpose? Not a mind reader but many may receive that as a mark of unwillingness to accept the mistake of the DNC putting the Party over the people, and now the people are paying.

It sends this message:

“If you had voted the way I wanted you to, not based on your thoughts, not based on your views, not based on your education or life experience, but the way we thought you should have voted, then she would have won. SHE.”

Cenk Uygur from TYT tapped into the battle of this elitism long ago and repeatedly warned Trump would win if the DNC failed to respect the people, and he was not the only pundit clearly aware. He even predicted that on the night of the election Trump would get 279 EC votes. That’s not luck. It is not “genius.” It is an example of respecting the information available.


It is in the eyes of people suffering at the hands of the Trump administration whose only requirement for winning was letting the arrogant DNC think they knew the American people.