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If you are butt lunch exasperated over his claims of the popular vote then here is the very simple solution:

Agree with him.

If we all simply told him he won the pop vote he would stop using it as a persecution complex that is not complex at all.

The impetus for his obsession is shockingly simple:

He has the mind of a child, not an adult.

Like most kids who need reassurance he takes it a bit further because he has to be liked by the majority to justify his own existence. This is why he makes ridiculous claims such as size of viewing audience for inauguration. As long as he sells himself to himself he will never peek a single disagreeable fact.

Through out his campaign he often attempted sheepish adoration with lines such as “a few people here like me.” After the election he met with top tech runners and said their stocks were going up because of his win and said “So you have to like me a little bit. One of the creepiest happened immediately following the Inauguration during an interview in the WH. He had pics of the crowds blown up and framed on the walls before the street confetti had been removed. He referred to the crowd as his “Sea of Love.”

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