That sentence you wrote makes no sense….which is why I wrote “what are you talking about?”
Charles Tyler

Im ignorant on this issue? You claimed interference only happened in two methods so I gave you a link describing at least four. You say he didnt break the law yet you dont even know the law and that is why it was provided.

The reason you do not understand the sentence I wrote is because you did not even glance at the provided information.

Nobody expects everybody to read every single article in full but your responses prove you grabbed some headlines and with virtually no background stated a conclusion then refuse to address actual information others have provided. The reason those facts have not effected your position is because your position was based on your thoughts without the facts.

Not trying to be a dickhead but sincerity is not a slogan.

The media often, very very often blows up minor issues for ratings such as an exposed nipple at a football game or how many celebrities did not move out of the US after Trump became POTUS. This is not one of those issues. There are many facets surrounding these events of which I am totally ignorant but of the known information, there is no doubt Junior broke Federal law by taking that meeting because it meets every single criteria. Of course there are going to be some arguing he did not violate the law. That is politics. The problem here is people are making claims without a shred of supporting evidence or worse, ignoring known evidence.

When you have a President making domestic and foreign policy decisions based more on the desires of a foreign President over what is best for us and other nations, you do not have a President. You have a fucking nightmare.

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