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“…including White House advisers, who spoke with the Times, Veselnitskaya requested a meeting with Donald Jr., through a familiar intermediary,”

Now it seems so clear Russia is driving all the major leaks. By leaking this to the NYT it gave the Russian contact a perfect opportunity to rebut by claiming it was Team Trump who solicited her in providing incriminating evidence against Clinton.

The leaks generally leave Trump himself in relative safety and that steady nucleus is the center post for the merry go round. So long as he is in office Russia can keep creating chaos engendering paranoia which creates both immediate and long ranging consequences for our place at the table.

Trump is at Putin’s mercy and the steady stream of chaos beginning with Flynn, getting Trump to fire Comey, and issues like dictating to Trump a closed door meeting in the Oval office where only Russian, but no American media sources are permitted.

Russia is controlling the drip, drip, drip because they are the only ones with all the information.

While there has yet to be evidence of Treason in this newly disclosed meeting, there is no doubt senior Trump campaign officers definitely broke Federal law by colluding with a foreign national to influence a US election.

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