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It is as funny as it is dangerous because if anything happens that could be tied to Islam (not even in a logical or critical thinking connection) Trump will imply the Federal judges knew it was going to happen and blocked his order in assistance to Isis.

Shitloads of idiots will buy it.

Im not saying it to be mean by the expression of “idiots” but more about the naivete in trust between the public and elected officials. Before joining the military and fighting in Iraq I believed their were good people on most sides but that power being wielded by some were simply abusive.

Now? How freaking idiotic was it of me or others to go to a completely different part of the world to shoot at people we’ve never seen. To be shot at people who are complete strangers?

That is the type of trust people like Trump and Clinton need to butter their bread. As a society, we have to, at some point say:

“It is not our job as citizens to kill strangers because you are fucked up at the meeting table. From now on, it is not us on the battlefield to be replaced. Our blood is not capable of inking peace. If you cannot find a solution together, with your education, with your experience, and with all the available options, then leave the table and enter the Colesseum yourselves.”

It would be the End of War.