Police Support White Supremacists
Lindsey Weedston

It kind of sucks this has to be prefaced but before anyone accuses me of racism or defending the police on any level it would help to scan through any previous posts on the issue because this is a rare time when too many people have not examined the videos and facts as well as they should before commenting.

From examining the videos:

  1. The gun was not pulled until he saw an aerosol can being used as a mini flame thrower.
  2. As noted, Corey Long admits to turning a can of spray paint into a flame thrower in defense of an elderly counterprotester. However, there is nothing on any pic or video showing the elderly man under threat justifying the use of a make shift flame thrower.
  3. The police clearly did not see or hear the gunshot and if you have ANY knowledge of guns you know the kind used was similar to a .380 which can easily NOT be heard in a crowd from where the police were standing. In fact, if you look at some of the people between the shooter and the police even most had no reaction. Only those right next to the shooter reacted from either visual or audible acuity. Do you think the crowd and police rehearsed not ducking or jolting at the sound of a gunshot during a heated public protest?
  4. The shooter tried to get the attention of the police to point out what just happened because they clearly did not see or hear what just transpired within a 4 second window because he saw his own action as self defense. Not because he figured 100 cameras wouldnt matter if he just randomly fired at counterprotesters.
  5. The entire reason he was charged ONLY with discharging the weapon within the school zone is because if they charged him with attempted murder, or criminal negligence with a firearm his lawyer would have immediately countered with a self defense claim. Since he did not pull nor discharge the weapon until AFTER someone turned a paint can into a mini flame thrower he would have easily won.

There are many many many many cases of clear racism by police and protesters. Yes it was wrong and it was racism for the shooter or anyone else to yell the n word but as far as a pure act of racism, this is not one of them. Citing this as clear racism when the video shows the flamethrower happening BEFORE the warning shot HURTS the fight against racism by protesters and police because it creates an atmosphere of “creating” racism. There are no pics or videos of Long needing to turn the aerosol can into a flamethrower to protect himself or anyone else. If anyone has that pic or video evidence please post it and send it to the DA’s office because there is still a good chance the charges will be dismissed based on acting in self defense. (and yes. you can discharge your weapon in self defense of another person).

If you will notice, after the one warning shot Long stopped using the can as a mini flame thrower which was REALLY FUCKING stupid because the can could have exploded setting himself and the people immediately around him on fire in a millisecond.

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