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It may be Trumvertigo as fallout from the 96 hour avalanche but it almost seems as if we are chasing the wrong stories. Is it plausible Trump hates his job so much he has been trying to leak himself out of office? To the best of my knowledge there have been no serious direct leaks about him personally while simultaneously everyone around him repeatedly becomes the new story. One where Trump can leave Office as an innocent victim. It’s the same strategy as when he would pretend to be a spokesperson or some other person to put himself in the news, a strategy used for 20 years.

If you dont think he would throw his own kids under the bus if that is what was required for his desires stop reading right now.

The more pressing issue is the given reason of the meeting. Why have it at all? If they had dirt on Clinton that would help Trump why risk muddying the waters with direct secret meetings? Im sure Russia is aware of sites like Breitbart and cable news like Fox. By bringing Trump Jr that close it was a risk of credibility for any negative information about Clinton and unnecessary risk of public exposure for Russia’s election meddling.

There is no visible reason why Russia would interrupt the propaganda strategy or risk exposure when there was nothing stopping them from disseminating information by 3rd party virtue that also constructed a firewall around Team Trump.

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