No, that would actually be somewhat rational for their point of view.
Jeremy Riddle

“I’ve been sparring with them in various venues and they’re just obsessive loons who have been programmed to see Sanders as a sexist, misogynist, racist…”

Im still cracking up how so many of them said Sanders would have lost because of his positions, only to have Clinton’s book come out claiming they have the same positions.

In my experience, this staple is fairly efficient when they claim she is more qualified than Sanders:

“Show us what Sanders said about invading Iraq compared to Clinton’s justifications.”

Almost every single time they sound like Fox news:

“Everybody thought Saddam had WMD.”

Cannot remember if Ive said this before, but I absolutely do not believe she will sit out 2020. Not sure how to describe it, but when she made that pity me please me never running again claim it just sounded like a passive aggressive bullshit move because there is no way the DNC will steam that turd unless there is simply an overwhelming about of people pushing her to run.

This may sound morbid, but Sanders is such a key piece against the elite that he will face serious security concerns because with another cycle coming up his base will be 20x ahead compared to this past fiasco. Ive never had a candidate actually push my lazy ass off the couch with sheer shaming by pointing out bitching is not the same as moving.