Jim Crow Laws, 2nd Place to White Privilege

The most common objection on the livelihood of White Privilege usually forms around a central theme of:

“Show us one law that specifically gives whites benefits denied to minorities.”

It is the global warming version of unusual snow fall proving the hoax.

It is the racist version of claiming racism is not a problem because Obama won two terms.

It is the drone strike version of claiming they only kill terrorists.

It is the Anthem version of kneeling disrespecting our flag but torture defends it.

It is the video-does-not-show everything that happened Slager trial.

It is the video version of Tamir Rice not getting on the ground before the cops showed up.

It is the video version of John Crawford’s death being self inflicted for shopping at the wrong store.

It is the DAPL version of protestors being violent for sucking blast water from hoses, reaching across the fence to hit themselves with flash bang grenades, and borrowing Flash to pull rubber bullets out of cop’s guns to wear them as hats.

It is the they have to be terrorists for marching against actions of law enforcement of course all lives matter.

It is the I love the Constitution version of not caring if the government is spying because you shouldnt have anything to hide.

It is the dont matter Iraq didnt have wmd saddam bad our bombs awesome!

It is the muslims are guilty for existing.

It is the exonerating rapists for women not speaking or dressing properly and going places without escorts.

It is the Catholic church we have never protected child molesters.

The cop who let Gasser go without evidence of a justified shooting said:

“He explained that the delay had enabled deputies to interview a slew of witnesses…”

Yes. Because the police have NEVER been able to interview witnesses while holding the shooter in a cell for at least 48 hours unless there is clear and convincing evidence of self defense. Seriously. Magic Witness Tape prevents witnesses from talking, writing, sign language, drawing, using interpreters, and making snow angels.

If that excuse does not reveal the bias in their actions then there is not much sense in dialogue because cop worship is the form of agendacitis cured typically only when people blink for an exceptionally long period of time.

Here is the rub people are either purposefully or accidentally overlooking:

It is not about did he take Gasser into custody and hold him in a cell. It is about the contrast between how often Caucasians are walking free hours after killing an unarmed person and having no physical injury to be handled by baby tylenol compared to John Crawford, Tamir rice, and countless others. You know the discrimination exists and that is why you are not demanding cops to produce evidence this was not an unusual response in the face of a similar situation with the shooter being African American and victim being Caucasian. Even though Glasser had a history of violence that included assault and battery at a different drive at the same intersection ten years ago. African American given a tardy ticket in the 3rd grave means the cops have found a rogue terrorist.

Yes, you are quite correct. You do not have to actually suffer a beating before you use deadly force in self defense.

What we are asking as a society is for law enforcement to treat Citizens as Citizens. Watch how this unfolds in the media and I can tell you right now the central argument defending the cop’s actions is going to be an infinite citing of laws by people who look up to Trump for Constitutional interpretations.

Nobody is contesting the laws.

We are simply asking them to be enforced EQUALLY.

None of you whined when J Crawford was shot from behind and on sight for holding a toy gun.

None of you whined when T Rice was killed on sight for having a toy gun and in both cases the cops had no actual evidence of any deadly threat.

Do you have any idea how many cop videos there are showing Caucasians waving REAL GUNS and are met with a pizza delivery instead of a coffin?

The terrorist organization that took over Federal property said ON VIDEO they would kill any cop that tried to remove them while displaying assault rifles and military gear designed for combat. They even invited other Americans to join them and if the cops tried to stop them, well, just kill the cops.

The cops let the terrorists sit there for weeks while receiving mail and food deliveries and they were never charged with terrorism.

If you seriously cannot see the inconsistent and disparate treatment coming from the criminal justice system there are only three possible explanations:

1 You died in 1687

2. You have not been born yet.

3. You are in a coma.

Former officer Slager’s trial had a deadlocked jury and the entire murder is on video. The video proves Walter Scott was running away empty handed when Slager murdered him from behind. Do you know why the jury deadlocked?

A juror was not convinced Walter Scott was innocent. A murderer was set free because racism would not allow a Citizen to respect the law and find this murderer guilty because the guy who was not on trial could not climb out of the ground and testify on his on behalf.

White privilege is not about a set of laws.

White privilege is choosing when laws apply and when they do not, based on minority status.

That is worse than Jim Crow laws.