I apologize.
Jenni Brannan

Just now saw this and thank you for the clarification and for further clarification, yes Ive seen people say we should stop using black and white but the given reason was to say it is the only way to forget about racism. Among my given reasons, which admittedly was not an all out essay, was to say it is a more effecting way of fighting racism, not ignoring it. That is why I followed up with an example of how internalized racism operates using the following clip from the film Malcolm X:

Here is another clip on internalized racism from Redemption:

To clarify again, Im not saying the cessation of the terms will stop racism, but only it is another tool to fight racism that we are leaving in the box.

Finally, here is an example of the innocuous side of internalized racism:

Caucasian asks for pack of Newports but is handed a pack of Marlboro.

African American asks for pack of Marlboro but is hand a pack of Newports.

To me, internalized racism is the larger monster at play and as a society we are not respecting its pervasive 24/7 effects.

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