It’s Not Just Harvey Weinstein
Kathleen M. Ryan

Many have victim blamed to some degree for remaining silent but they often miss how women are trained to be silent sex objects and often in ways so subtle people think nothing of it.

Price is Right: Barker’s Beauties

Let’s Make a Deal

Wheel of Fortune

High School to pro cheerleaders (they are silent as they are directed as what to say)

All the women are sidelined with man in the middle.

Man needs to ask permission for a marriage proposal with would-be bride out of sight.

When a father walks his daughter down the aisle to be married, who speaks, who remains silent?

Every format is identical yet nobody sat behind a big oak door and planned it because the sexual objectification has been internalized. How many times have you seen women in a relationship and taller than her partner? Men are trained to look for a shorter woman, women are trained to search for a taller guy.

Beyond those examples, elbows. Just elbows. It is the only body part women do not change.

Im sort of doubting Weistein will be around a whole lot longer.