A Note from Juicero’s New CEO

Mr. Dunn, if you are so confident on efficiency and quality for your product I have a challenge:

I can open and drain three packs to your one without electricity, a ridiculous price tag, without wasting any, without wasting bandwidth, and being much more environmentally friendly.

Do these machines automatically disappear once they cease to function? That’s important because you cannot tell people you have a green dream on food consumption and waste in general. How does adding yet another idiotic product to the endgame of our landfills help the environment?

This machine contradicts everything you claim to stand for because it creates excess waste and needlessly uses electricity.

From my chair, you pulled a miniTrump because you are full of shit about the “mission.” Just like Trump on the campaign trail you are promising a better tomorrow simply to lie and sell garbage to the public on promises incapable of being fulfilled. There is not a single aspect of this product useful to fighting waste and trying to protect environment.

If you do not want to do the challenge with me then pick some people on your end, let me give them the instructions, then, live on youtube, while you are standing next to those people, commence the challenge so the whole world can see why you are not lying for profit.

(I need to apologize for the acerbic acrobatics and being an ass. Been a frustrating 2017. There is a huge disconnect between the public and wealthy corporations who, with or without intent, are screwing us up.”)

This info from wiki is amazing:

“Each pack has a QR code that must be scanned and verified by the Internet-connected machine before it can be used.[3] The company claims this is to prevent packs from being used past their expiration date, or to facilitate food safety recalls.”

That is the crown jewel because it is an accidental admission they didnt need to waste time on the press. They could have simply focused on fresh packing, transport, and good oh my, let people press their bags in their method because you guys dont want to be butthurt from being exposed.

What pisses people off the most is deception and you are continuing it today. You have claimed nutrition, helping people are the motivators. Bullshit. After looking at the Juiciero website I was able to find one, just one type of package used to ship the product.

If nutrition was your number one goal you would have created a second type of package to ship to customers.

Will you now announce to the world different shipping packages will be available for those who do not want to use juicer machine?

You cannot create a single unassailable defense for the pack bags to the exclusion of everything else.

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