Our Plan to Make Public Colleges and Universities Tuition-Free
Bernie Sanders

Mr. Sanders, you really piss me off. It would be so much easier to follow politics and just bitch if people like you did not care so much. You make people walk the talk and that is why the DNC and RNC fears your existence and those you have inspired. Thank you.

A four year higher education should be free but it should also extend to the trades because part of the problem is perpetuating the myth a four year degree is the only path to gainful employment. The proposed means of payment for a tuition free system is axiomatic but like many police shootings on video, all the facts on your side is empty currency in a post-fact world. If this approach fails then ask opponents why they are not pushing for individual tuition payment at public schools for K-12.

My being ignorant of inner workings, and outer as well, asks why is it impossible to present an argument why spending on “defense” is ludicrous and if reined in, could cover tuition?

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