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“Obsymal refused because he didn’t have any goods on Trump”

Show us what he knew at the time the FBI made the request.

“And he didn’t want anyone to know he was spying on Trump.”

The DOJ and FBI already made it very clear Obama was not spying on him. I literally got a little nauseous reading that statement because it demonstrated once again Trumpies have absolutely no regard or respect for facts.

Show us the evidence Obama was spying on Trump.

“Obsymal would have been ok with admitting he was spying on Trump if he had something meaningful to use against him.”

You actually found a way to give alternative facts a blowjob.

The FBI does not choose investigations by dart boards so they had some level of credible information that justified the investigation.

If you cannot provide the evidence to back your claims and refuse to retract, do not bother responding because the “blocking” feature on Medium is specifically designed to separate the sincere from the insincere, the honest from the dishonest.

Do you realize not only did I not support Obama, I called him Obushama because their foreign policies are exactly identical. To me, his a murderer just like Bush for ordering drone strikes in civilian grids then refusing to provide any information on the number of innocents killed.

Simply trying to convey my views of Obama’s actions are not an excuse to ignore known facts so Im not defending him, but a simple principle of intellectual honesty.

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