I agree. I know there are some media outlets that are actually solid, I was never arguing against…
Charles Tyler

Off the top of your head do you know what Trump’s winning margin was in the full electoral process? Out of 135,000,000 votes it was decided by 100,000.

That is .01 percent. Im not saying Trump won because of Russia but merely demonstrating the plausibility of how foreign influence affects our elections.

Why do you think Russia has been hacking our systems harvesting voting data on hundreds of thousands of Americans? Because that metadata shows them how to most efficiently move about trying to influence elections. It is also plausible, with such a low margin, to literally change the ultimate vote count because if you want to hack a system attempting to change the outcome you want your footprints to be as small as possible to avoid detection. Some have said it works to our benefit for vote count security because there are so many moving parts rather than one big jackpot. But that is backwards because if you can manipulate several small parts you are far less likely to be caught versus dipping a single large pot.

Again, Im not saying Russia changed the outcome on any level but merely brainstorming possibilities based on known facts.

Can you explain why Russia would go to the trouble of hacking election systems to acquire US voter data if their motive was outside of influencing elections?

Why do you think the Russian contact came out and contradicted Trump’s version by claiming she did not initiate contact and that in fact it was Team Trump who asked her to the meeting to have her get dirt on Clinton?

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