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Once it is realized police exist for defending corruption, act as backdoor tax collectors, and strong arms for the elite it makes perfect sense why murder after murder after murder does nothing to change institutional policies. An example of the non violent corruption is the policy permitting law enforcement to take cash from private citizens while never charging those citizens for a single crime. In one recent year the police stole more money and property from citizens than all burglaries nationwide. And that was only for citizens that were never charged with a crime.

Some cops have gone so far as to write books and explain why and how these “Interdiction” policies are gold mines for towns facing financial despair. Even worse, there are actual schools cops attend to learn how to take money and property from citizens without getting into trouble and without the hassle of arresting anyone.

As noted, the most common defense of the murder and brutality is the rotten apple theory so it is important to focus on the whole versus the singular. Take just five random examples of these types of shootings where only one cop fired a weapon in each example and you will have at least 22 cops involved for every illegal shooting or beating.

It could be argued those who stayed silent and help cover up should be charged with Felony Murder. If they can charge citizens with that crime then they are eligible for being convicted because they are citizens as well.

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