The Presidential Pivot Will Never Arrive
Johnny V. Boykins

“President Trump’s tweeting addiction is consuming the nation and a vast majority of Americans would like him to simply stop with the tweeting…”

Nobody is forced to read his tweets and twitter provides the option of blocking unwanted users. Blaming him for how much energy is expended around his tweets is a backdoor abdication of our own responsibilities.

“Trump speaks with authority to his 32 million Twitter followers”

It is seriously doubtful those numbers are accurate but it also does not matter because the loyalty is not extended to Trump. His supporters are being loyal to each other, not him, and that is the grindhouse of his base. It explains why he can say anything, photoshop fake magazine covers, and break every possible campaign promise without negative consequences from his supporters.

He will not lose his core supporters until they have constructed a new bridge making it safe to abandon Trump.

“President Trump started using this strategy of distraction the moment he took the oath of office”

It is not really a strategy and he has been doing this most of his life. An aspect that makes it impossible to hate Trump is realizing his actions are not the nefarious orgy of satan slurpers but rather a child jealous of a new brother or sister and acts out as a way of getting attention. Clinton and Cheney are examples of evil, Trump is just the oldest prepubescent POTUS in our history.

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