Speaking of Missed Stories

Contrary to popular election legends, the Electoral College is not a fail safe, it was not designed for equal representation, and it is Congress who makes the final decision on POTUS. The EC was designed to give more power to the elite over the general population and the math is pretty simple. Constitution states in the event of no candidate having a majority of EC votes it is the House who elects POTUS, not the public, and not the EC. Having more leverage means fewer states would need to be rejected on EC votes to have the House elect POTUS. This is where people are getting lost.

You can have a candidate with the majority of EC votes on December 19th but it does not make them POTUS because Congress has to certify the EC votes in Janurary. If enough EC votes are rejected, then that candidate no longer holds the majority. This is the legal loophole the founders designed because they did not trust the general population in wielding such power. This is how Hayes became POTUS in the 1876 election because Tilden beat him on both the popular and EC votes, but Congress overruled and in a deal between parties Tilden became historically extinct.

Considering how many people are not aware of this process it is likely they are also not aware of succession from POTUS down. If I were running the GOP I would keep Trump in for two reasons:

  1. Lack of oversight from a dilettante in the Oval means a lot of movement in the background absent normal channels, while also holding a majority in Congress. Efficient. Some of that will catch up but while those events are taking place Trump and Pence are building a space ladder of impeachable acts.
  2. Scapegoats are how governments exist. In the face of the storm being a natural consequence of Trump running the oval like he learns the law, the GOP will need heat relief.

Choosing from a buffet, impeachment proceedings on Trump and Pence begin. Once removed, Paul Ryan becomes POTUS. There is no way the Dems could protest the impeachments without appearing to be fans of the Trump team and both parties would much rather have Ryan if for simple familiarity with the added benefit of squashing immediate future runs for third parties.