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“That question needs to be answered.”

No. The question that needs to be answered is how many tons of 60’s quality acid was dropped along with a packed 500 mile joint, making it just a hair feasible why your condemnation towards Trump should have ever been uttered.

He’s a tool being turned by the Mercers and Russia to once again only think of himself.

“That question needs to be answered.”

Considering your baseless justifications to send our troops to kill people that were never a threat, and in the process created two different Islamic theocracies, while at the same time proclaiming radical Islam is our greatest national threat you need to answer:

Why did you kill our troops for two Islamic theocracies at the costs of countless lives, many of them children?

“That question needs to be answered.”

Why did your Administration give the Taliban over $40 million dollars in May of 2001, if they were dangerous and harboring bin Laden? Considering the fact the actual source of funds for the hijackers were never uncovered, did you consider the possibility of paying for it partially or full, with our own tax dollars.

“That question needs to be answered.”

Your Administration praised the Taliban for an awesome quick drop in heroine production, only to then use our military as employees of drug lords to provide security in the ground up production of poppies, also explaining why a decade after our invasion drug production has remained at the top and broken a few records.

“That question needs to be answered.”

After sending our troops to kill and be killed on political goals with Iraq and Afghanistan, void of any actual security threat, why didnt you in the very least ensure active and retired troops had access to efficient quality healthcare? In hindsight it makes sense. Since you did not care you sent many to their deaths and life long struggles of war, it would be silly for anyone to ask why you failed basic VA systems.

“That question needs to be answered.”

How did shitting on the Constitution regarding privacy of Americans make us safer?

How did secret prisons and systems of indefinite imprisonment with no conviction for the people tossed in without a second thought make us safer?

How did the policies of international kidnapping and torture make us safer?

How did using drones to drop bombs without regard for the sovereignty of other nations, in addition to more needless innocents being murdered make us safer?

Why havent you gone to Iraq and Afghanistan to be thanked by the citizens of those nations as well as traveling down the very roads you built 6,000 miles away? You did say the invasions were for their Liberty.

Considering your dark, bloody, hedonistic, and greedy past in office, do you know what Trump would have to do for the top spot of Asshole List?

Drop a nuclear bomb killing innocents.

Before you trying preaching about questions needing to be answered by elected officials, why dont you set the example by telling the public the truth about your wars and how they were merely policy driven, murdering men, women, and children be damned.

Your Presidential Library should be nothing but a cemetery.

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