How Banks Helped Launder Money For Organized Crime And Got Away With It
Laws that Permit the Transfer of Wealth and Power

“The better solution would have been to divide the remaining $132 million among their lowest paid employees.”

The Golden Parachute has always been about Silence, nothing more, nothing less.

“The documents they found proved the links to al Qaeda. American taxpayers had indirectly and unknowingly supported the 9/11 attacks in 2001 with tax deductions.”

The 9/11CR nor any other agency has actually been able to show where the money for 9/11 came from so this statement is at best speculation. In the few years leading up to 9/11 the US was the number one international cash financier for the Taliban regardless of any tax deductions through any shell, with the last known payment of the Bush Admin giving them $43 million in May 2001. Yet we cannot say that money paid for 9/11 because again, nobody has been able to show where it came from.

In all, seems pretty clear one of the main reasons Trump has remained in office is the windfall of even less oversight for corporate domination which is coming to concrete fruition through the new ridiculous tax reform, a new financial enema against the 99%.