First, Second, And Third Lady Accused Of Leaving Green Lady Unprotected
Allan Ishac

The truly ironic part is they will probably help Trump lose another lawsuit:

President Trump Subpoenaed Over Sexual Misconduct Allegations

This is delicate but it may be possible to see how the Christmas Nugget is is inadvertently helping the progress of nuking sexual harassment and sexual objectification. While SH cases predate his Ovalship, it does not explain how the most protected assholes at the top are coming down like Hurricane Maria encompassing several different arenas.

Concluding, if Clinton had won I do not think the SH lawsuits would be coming with this speed and power. It is as if victims and witnesses watched him brag about raping women only to be rewarded with the White House and the only way to fight it is exposure. As the rise of women continues the network of the good ol boys is dying while victim’s are finding more beautiful life.

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