I am a liberal and I am confused about why this is such a huge deal?
Charles Tyler

There are at least four known avenues of election meddling and not two as Tyler claims:

Here is a former KGB spy briefly explaining the rewards of Russia’s actions through fucking up our inner government operations but more importantly, creating an air of paranoia which in itself can cripple any government:

A major source of confusion rests upon what is legal for US election candidates. No candidate can collude with any foreign nation to influence a US election, regardless of spying, espionage, or other dark corner ops. In other words, it does not matter if the Russian contact gave Trump Jr stolen or legitimate information.

Have you ever seen a foreign dignitary stump for US candidates? No. Because it is illegal to enlist the aid of any foreign agent for any reason.

Trump jr broke the law but what it the serious Treason violation or less significant foreign collusion?

Since Trump jr learned via email Russian contacts wanted to give him info to help in the campaign and that Russia was operating a full blown op to interfere with our election it means Team Trump knew the true motive of any Russian contact regardless of Adopting Stupidity.

A more long term problem is spying and the benefits. If a foreign agent knows a US candidate will use stolen information for the benefits of elections it encourages them to hack, spy, and steal any possible info because it creates a new form of currency.

For immediate concerns, Russia’s policies fare far better under a Trump admin than say a President Clinton or Obama or Bush.

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